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Interim Management

Need a temporary leader in your firm?

As an interim operational manager we can help you to increase the activities or even decrease them.

Do you need specific knowledge in a new turningpoint? We can act between steps. Free your own personal from day to day business or initiate a change by ourself.

Knowledge Management

Training and Assistance

Training and assistance in content management of your KM system. Training your people how to write down their additions to your systems. Showing how to find colleagues that can help them.


Investigation of how strategically and operational knowledge is spread over the company, defining key workers and problem areas. Indexing the existing knowledgebase.

Public Procurements

Public procurements are well known for their ineffectiveness. 

Not with us! 

We help you with implementing your contract management. 

We provide the quality assurance and market investigation that you lack time for. 

We make sure that you buy the product of your desires instead of the product of your fate. 

We do Consultancy.

Get that Best Value out of the Market today. 

Every month people are leaving their company to make a move in their career. With them the specific knowledge they had and wouldn't share. Every man or woman that leaves a company behind will cost directly or indirectly money. Sometimes when sales people are leaving a decline in sales is established. When somebody is leaving without any consequences for the firm they leave, well good job, he was not adding value to the company.

A lot of companies try to introduce knowledge sharing software like intranets. Most of them they fail.Why?

We found out that not everyone is a specialist, a teacher and a copywriter all in one. So there is zero  or bad input into the system. Difficult to read an understand articles,web pages and instructions are not helping to maintain the level of knowledge.

On the other hand learning is a specialty on his own. If the only thing you supply is knowledge on a paper or webpage you do not reach everyone. People are learning in different ways, so you have to offer the company knowledge in various ways.

If you recognize the above, we are convinced that we can help you.

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